Where has the Hometown Queen Bee been???

I can't believe it has been nearly a year since I sat in front of this screen as the "Hometown Queen Bee" and wrote a blog post! Sometimes life gets crazy, things happen, a huge life shift occurs and your life completely changes!

Right around the time of my last post, I made a decision, along with the help and support of my family...I would tackle a long-time dream of mine. Since I was very little, I had a passion for everything home related. As a young child, I would sit and draw these awful blueprints of homes. I mean, I guess for a kid they were pretty good lol. Anyhow, back then my dream was to become an architect. Only one problem with that? I quickly discovered I was pretty bad at math! Probably not something an architect should suck at, am I right? So, I sort of shifted more towards becoming an interior designer. Which would have been totally fabulous, and I even looked into attending a school for it while I was living in Orlando in the mid-2000's. However, we ended up moving back to my small HOMETOWN, which doesn't have much call for this interior designers, and certainly doesn't offer a school for it. But, during this time, I also had thought about another home-related career path! As a youngster, I had also given thought to becoming a real estate agent! Even when I was not personally looking to buy a home, I followed the local housing market. Any home for sale, I could tell you the asking price and all the other details on it. It was like my hobby. So, I always thought, hello!?! Why not get paid for this type of thing?!? However, all of this was put on hold for a while, because I had my son, and of course he became my main focus. These days though, he is 8 years old and much less in need of mommy 24/7. Also, I had gotten remarried and had the emotional and financial support of my wonderful husband to allow me to take on this whole new career!

So, last fall I finally took that great big step! (The first one is always the hardest to take!) I enrolled in the needed course that is a prerequisite to taking the board exam to become a licensed real estate agent!  Anyone who tells you this type of course is easy, is one of two things...a complete liar! ...or a genius. Haha, yes, sad to say I did not find it to be a breeze, but I did stick with it, took notes and studied for hours upon hours! Honestly, I probably never worked so hard towards something in my life. I guess you could say I was driven!

After you take the course they refer to as a "75 hour course" (omg, try doubling that in all actuality!), you take the course final exam. For this, I headed the hour and a half drive up to Buffalo. Thankfully, they tell you on the spot if you passed...and I did! But wait. You are not done yet. This passing grade simply means you officially passed the course, but you still need to take the state licensing exam. So, with my passing grade in my course, I then was able to sig up to take the state exam...which meant another trip up to Buffalo a few weeks later. You take this test in a room full of other hopefuls. The worst part is after you finish and turn in that lovely scanron thingy, they make you wait to find out if you passed. They said it could be 7-10 days!?! Oh if that isn't nerve wracking! On a positive note, it only took 3 days to actually get the result.

So, there you are, logging into this site, probably for the hundredth time, because I seriously was obsessive about checking...finally to see on the screen that the result is in. I kind of had to rub my eyes and double check...the verdict? I PASSED! They do not give you an actual test score, it is simply pass or fail. Great! So, I passed and I was a licensed real estate salesperson!!! I must say, I was pretty proud of myself. Something that I had thought about doing for decades, I was really doing!

All this was back in March, so let's fast forward now to the present day. About 3 months has gone by...how is it going? I must say, as much as someone would love to jump into this industry and start closing deal after deal immediately, well, it just doesn't happen. At least not from what I have seen, heard, or experienced. But I joined an amazing real estate firm, ERA Team VP, and I have already had one closed transaction, with several more on the horizon. Most of all, I really enjoy it and I know with more exposure and experience, my business will continue to grow!

A part of me misses the blogging days and I kept hearing a lot about real estate blogs on social media. I started thinking, well, I have this blog still out there...I had spent so many hours developing it, so now that I am a real estate professional, why now sort of put the two together?!? So, this blog shall act as a bit of a merging tool between my old blog, which was mostly about parenting, recipes, and product reviews...to my new world of real estate! I will cover all things real estate related, as well as typical home stuff, some of which I touched on before.

So, there you have it! Hometown Queen Bee is making a bit of a shift, but I still hope y'all with come visit and interact! This Hometown Queen Bee is all about my hometown...the place I was born and raised...where I currently reside and am now raising my son in...and where I know the local real estate market better than anyone!

Now for my shameless plug...you should have known it was coming! I might be new at this, but all that course information is fresh in my head and I eager to make a name for myself in this business! So, if you are in New York (where I am licensed) and need anything real estate related, you know who to contact, right??? Yes, you do!!!

Cell: 716-338-5600
Office: 716-413-0200
email: Cindy.Saeger@ERA.com


  1. Glad you found something you love! I am working on my dream while being pregnant and hope to go full force after baby is here.


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