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Where has the Hometown Queen Bee been???

I can't believe it has been nearly a year since I sat in front of this screen as the "Hometown Queen Bee" and wrote a blog post! Sometimes life gets crazy, things happen, a huge life shift occurs and your life completely changes! Right around the time of my last post, I made a decision, along with the help and support of my family...I would tackle a long-time dream of mine. Since I was very little, I had a passion for everything home related. As a young child, I would sit and draw these awful blueprints of homes. I mean, I guess for a kid they were pretty good lol. Anyhow, back then my dream was to become an architect. Only one problem with that? I quickly discovered I was pretty bad at math! Probably not something an architect should suck at, am I right? So, I sort of shifted more towards becoming an interior designer. Which would have been totally fabulous, and I even looked into attending a school for it while I was living in Orlando in the mid-2000's. However,

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