I want tan legs before I put on a pair of shorts!

I am probably committing a huge blogging no-no; I am recycling an old blog post!
But I have good reason!

Here where I live in Western New York, we are finally getting nice weather! (Geez, it is only nearly June!) Nice weather equals wearing shorts weather! I have noticed so many girls wearing shorts this week...
but then I quickly noticed something else...

Extremely ghost-white legs!

This is not a good look on anyone. Now, years ago when I was all about going to tanning salons and literally baking my skin under UV lights, I would say these girls need to go tanning! Now that I am older and wiser, I realize that UV tanning, although I still love the results, is not healthy!
So, we need another option!

This is the best self-tanning product I have ever used so I wanted to bring
some attention to it again! So, here comes the recycled part...

Product Review of Way Too Tan
Dark Hybrid Tanning Silicone

I have tried several different brands and types of Sunless Tanners and Tanning Accelerators over the years. I still remember my first experience with Sunless Tanning Lotion...I was a Freshman in High School. I don't recall the exact brand but I do know that the next day, I begged my mom to let me stay home from school because it turned me so orange and blotchy that I simply could not bring myself to show up at school like that! On my "day off" of school, I took about five showers, scrubbing my skin to try and return to a somewhat normal hue again! Haha, I'm sure many of you have had a similar experience!

Well, now that I am older, and of course much wiser (hey! stop smirking!), I am much better at knowing how to apply Sunless Tanners. Still though, I try many different kinds to find the best one because even with a lot of experience in applying them, some are better than others! Some are far less streaky or have a better "tan" color, so I'm always willing to try something new. That is why I was so excited to review this product! Way Too Tan - Dark Hybrid Tanning Silicone!

When I received the product, the first thing I noticed was the beautiful bottle. It looked so classy and elegant, it immediately gave me a good feeling about the product. My first time using it, I took a shower, dried off and started to apply it to my skin. It had a very nice smell, better than most I would say, and it went on very easily. It didn't get sticky as I applied it, but remained silky and went on smooth. After I applied it evenly and got dressed, then it was just a waiting game for the color to develop. Within a few hours, I noticed a beautiful and natural looking tan appear. I was happy to see there were no streaks and it even went on well in areas that can be tricky, such as the feet, ankles, wrists, etc. My mother saw me with my nice new tan and asked if she could also try it! Now, my mother is up there in age and normally does not use any sort of self tanner, but she was so impressed with my results that she wanted to give it a try too. I gave her tips on applying it so she would have the best results, seeing as she wasn't familiar with the process. She was very pleased with how it turned out! She was impressed that a tan from a bottle could look so good, and so natural.

I am in love with this stuff!

This product can be used a few different ways too! This is something I have not encountered before! It can be used strictly as a self tanner, or it can be used while tanning outside in natural sunlight or in a tanning booth. This is why it is called a Silicone Hybrid. It has been designed to compliment any tanning process. So, for the second time I used this product, I decided to apply it right before using a UV tanning booth. This is where I was really pleasantly surprised by this product! It really helped enhance the color of my tan! I had a very deep tan, and felt as if I had just stepped off a Caribbean Cruise Ship! At this point, I was in love!

I love this deep tan!
Another thing that I found very impressive was reading about the product itself. It is a cosmeceutical tanning lotion, meaning it contains maximum strength anti-aging components, along with ultra-high-end ingredients. It contains organic antioxidants, such as Grape Seed extract, which provides 20x more than Vitamin E and 50x more than Vitamin C. This makes it a much better product than low grade tanning lotions. The Grape Seed extract also helps to keep the skin firm and youthful. It also contains Japanese Green Tea and White Tea extracts as well, which helps protect the skin from harmful free radicals and will tighten the skin. It also has DHA and Erythrulose Bronzers which produces that amazing, deep, natural color tan, while also providing moisturization and hydration to the skin, So, basically, this product is amazing for your skin! It is also Paraben Free, and not tested on animals, both of which are important factors to me.
In all the tanning products I have used over the years, this one by far, is my favorite! I love the results and I also love that it is good for my skin! I love looking good and feeling good, and this product definitely aids with both of those! I look forward to continuing use of Way Too Tan!

Disclaimer: I received this product for free or a drastically discounted rate, in return for an honest and unbiased review. The opinions written are my honest thoughts and feelings on this product. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC Regulations.


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