It is BBQ season, y'all!

Make sure you are fully cooking your meat!

About two weeks ago, we finally got some warm weather here in New York, so I decided it was time for our first dinner on the grill. I made BBQ chicken...oh yum! But, I quickly realized I did not have a meat thermometer at our new house. I was a little worried on whether I was cooking the chicken well enough. I probably ended up over cooking it a little just because I wanted to be sure my family wasn't going to get sick from under cooked meat. (Yes, we were all fine!)

The next day, I searched for a meat thermometer! I found this one and I must say it is the best one I have ever had! It is digital, rapid response, and enhanced accuracy. It is also waterproof so it is protected from water splashes. It has a anti-microbial case and sleeve so that prevents growth of bacterial odor and mold. It is very easy to use and even easier to read, thanks to the nice display screen. It will automatically shut off after 5 minutes to preserve battery life and comes with a 2 year limited warranty. I also love that on the case it shows the temperatures of each meat item. For example, chicken, as I made last week, needs to be cooked to 165 degrees F in the middle. They display the desired temps right there for you, so no matter what you are cooking, you know what it needs to be to be safe!

Before grilling season is in full swing, consider getting a nice meat thermometer to save the guess work when cooking meat. This is not only for grilling either of course! This can be used year-round, when baking and cooking meat on your stove as well. So, basically, it is a must have item to always have on hand! Keep your family and friends safe when meat is on the menu!

Link to Product; HERE


Disclaimer; I received this product for free in exchange for offering my honest and unbiased review.


  1. Hurray for BBQ! Along with meats, we love grilled summer squashes and other veggies! :)



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