Fashion Friday with the HQB!

Hello my lovelies! I feel like I haven't been blogging as regularly as I usually had been these last few I've miss y'all! There is a good reason for my recent hiatus...some very exciting things going on in my personal life...I'm sure I will be blogging about it all in the near future, but for now, I just want to get back to the wonderful world of blogging!

It is FRIDAY...which you guessed it, means Fashion Friday with the HQB!

If you have followed my blog at all, you probably already know that I am a frugal and thrifty shopper! My philosophy is why pay more, if you can pay less? I love getting good deals on anything, but especially clothes! Why? Well, I might be slightly obsessed with clothes, fashion, purses, and shoes. It's like I can't get enough of these glorious things! lol...well, if I were Paris Hilton, I could spend thousands on a single shopping spree on Hollywood Blvd., but no such luck there! So, to get lots of nice clothing, I have to be a deal hunter! Which I actually find being fun, exciting, and hugely rewarding! So, in the last week or two, I have come across some great deals. I figured I would share a couple with you today!
So, one of my favorite stops is to Salvation Army. Every Wednesday at my local location, it is half off most items! I love picking up cute clothes for my son because, as I have said before...he is a boy and stains or outgrows clothes, so why pay a ton for them? And my best deals are when I find brand new items with the store tags still on them! Which I did this week!
Check it out, I found this super cute Oshkosh shirt, brand new with the tags still on! In fact, it shows the retail price of $28.00. Now, what do you think I paid for this? Ok, you know it isn't close to $28 bucks! How about $10? ...or $5? ...Nope, try $1.50! That's right, I bought this brand new Oshkosh shirt for less than a cup of Tim Horton's coffee! (All you locals will appreciate that I mentioned Timmy's! haha!) What a deal, right? I love it!

Ok, but I am not done there! On the same trip to "Salvo", I also found this Old Navy shirt, also still with the store tag on! Now the bottom of the store tag was removed (it was probably a gift), so I don't know the exact retail price. Knowing Old Navy, I will guess $14.50. Sound about right? Well, here again, why pay more, when you can pay less? I also scored this cute shirt for my son for $1.50! My son is going to really love this shirt because it is soft material, super comfy, AND it has a guitar and amp on it....if anyone knows my son, they know his love of music! So this is perfect for him!
So, there is a great example of why frugal shopping is so great! Two very nice, brand new, school shirts for $3.00. You simple can't go wrong!
Ok, so I usually find great items for myself too....however, I already have more than enough clothes so I don't buy things unless I really like them! I am thrilled when I find a cute pair of jeans or a nice dress! We go to church regularly, and we all dress up, so dresses for my religious meetings are always something I keep an eye out for! Last week, I found this really cute dress...still with store tags on, for only $2.50! The bottom portion of the store tag had been removed too, so not exactly sure what this would cost full retail price, nor do I really care. I just know that I got it for $2.50 and that makes me happy! It's not my everyday style of course, but it is however, perfect for Sunday meetings! In the summer it can be left open, and during colder seasons, just throw a little black sweater over it and you have a very cute look! A win for this frugal mommy!
Then, yesterday I ran into Wal-Mart for a few things. I always like to check their Clearance racks! Well, I found a very cute snap on tie (we are not yet to the point of real, tied ties yet lol)  for $1.00! This tie will look great on him! Another great find! My kiddo is gonna look sharp!

I am a firm believer that you don't have to dish out tons of money to dress well and look nice! If you figure out places to shop and how to be smart about shopping, you can literally spend next to nothing! Then, use that money you didn't spend on clothes for other things! Home repairs, a vacation, whatever you want! It's all about making memories with your family! They will remember all the fun times you spent together much more than the $100 you spent on the "must-have-now" hot clothing item!  
Well, I hope perhaps I inspired some of you to try some frugal shopping in the future! The deals are out there...where ever you live, there are great places to score awesome stuff!

Good luck!

Happy {frugal} Shopping!



  1. I love searching for a good deal on clothes! It's so much fun!!

  2. I love good deals too! $1 for that adorable tie?! Even at Walmart, that's amazing!

  3. Nice. You got some great deals! I'm a total bargain shopper, so I love all your tips. I'm going to have to look to see if Salvation Army has a store near us.

  4. Great deals! I love shopping at thrift store too!

  5. Matt likes to shop there! I'm more of an eBay shopper myself & lately the postmark app :)

  6. I love a great deal! That tie was a steal! Great post!


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