Don't burn yourself with your flat iron/curling iron anymore!

If you have ever burnt yourself with your curling iron or flat iron, you seriously know the pain! Burns to the skin are one of the worst feelings! I love to use my flat iron to make soft curls, and to do that, I use both hands and one has to grip the one end to guide it along through my hair. I can't tell you how many times I have gripped it the wrong way, accidently touching the hot ceramic plate. OUCH! That is why I jumped on the chance to try this! I wear it on my left hand and I can now grip the flat iron to create beautiful curls, without causing painful burns! You only need the one glove, and it can be worn on either hand. It fits well and is comfortable to wear. I find I can style my hair more quickly because I am not constantly watching my every move when handling hot styling devices. Anything that makes getting beautiful less time consuming and less effort is always going to be a plus in my book!
You know I had to be daring and touch the ceramic plate dead on, just to see how much heat it would really block out. Well, I was happy to find out that I could touch the plate on full temperature, directly, for several seconds without feeling heat. That means while using it to style your hair, a quick accidental touch won't hurt you one bit! Great product!


Disclaimer; I received this product for free in exchange for offering my honest and unbiased review. All thoughts and feelings are my own and are genuine.


  1. So glad the gloved worked well for you, sounds like you truly put it to the test!

    ISA Professional


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