What can make your shower experience better? ...THIS!

Ok, I know a lot of you probably use those puffy scrubby thingies in the shower, right? I know I have used them for many years myself. You know what I'm talking about, right? The things that look like this.......

Well, I always thought they were pretty nice. They work pretty well to exfoliate your skin. I recently saw a new product, similar in idea and concept, but improved! With those puffy shower scrubbers, you still can't reach your own back very well. You can somewhat, but not all over and with a decent about of scrubbing pressure to actually remove dead skin and effectively exfoliate. This product, the ExfoliMATE | Magic body exfoliating cloth, it is not smashed up into a ball, but basically like one long towel, allowing you to scrub your back! You can still crunch it up to use on your arms, legs, and anywhere else! The company even says this product can help with acne on the butt....haha, yes laugh, I know I chuckled too...but for someone who really has that problem, I am sure they want to get rid of it, right? Of course! I know some also suffer from back acne too. Here again, this product can help! And even if you don't have those exact skin issues, everyone love to eliminate dry, dull or aging skin.

Another thing that makes me love this product much more than those old puffy scrubbers is that you can wash this right in your washing machine! I never keep those other ones for very long because I figure all the dead skin and germs that it collects is pretty gross! So, even though you can get them for $1-3 each, if you are constantly buying them and throwing them out, that adds up quickly. This just gets washed in your machine and allow to air dry! Perfect! Oh, and one more thing that I like? Hello, it comes in this nice animal print! Haha, yes, loves me some animal print! So, there is not a single thing about this product that I did not like! Thank you, Green Heart Labs, for making this awesome product! My shower experience is ten times better with my exfoliating cloth!

Here is a list straight from the company, explaining what this product does!
  • Cleans pores and follicles to banish blemishes and reveal a fresh glow
  • Reaches tough to treat spots like back, butt, and shoulders
  • Exfoliation helps control breakouts by removing dead skin and bacteria
  • Long-lasting green fiber and biodegradable packaging
  • Loofah scrubber increases lather making body acne clearing wash last longer

Want One???



Disclaimer; I received this product for free in exchange for offering my honest and unbiased review and opinion. My thoughts and feelings expressed here are true and genuine.


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