Expandable Garden Water Hose; Product Review

Ok, true...there may not be anything horribly exciting about a hose (unless you are about 5 years old and plan on using it to run through a sprinkler!)...but, most likely you do need one around the house. If you have a garden that needs watering or a car that needs washing, a good hose is a great

Now, I truly wish the weather cooperated with me better on this in order to do a more thorough review...however, I live in Western New York, where seriously one day can be 60 degrees and then next in the 20's. And seeing that it is still February, we are still pretty cold here right now. I can still tell you a few things about this hose though!
This hose is 50 feet long, which is great to reach different areas you might need to use it in. The hose is made with four layers of material, so it is strong and durable. You can tell my looking and touching it, that it is a very well made product. It totally beats those cheap green rubber hoses I have always used in the years past. It also includes a high quality spray nozzle with 8 adjustable sprays and a hanger so that you can neatly wrap up your hose when not in use. This company also offers a 12 month full warranty, so you can buy with confidence!
So, while the weather isn't quite hose using weather just yet, it will be soon! I'm glad we have this nice one to use! And yes, it will even get used to run through the water on some hot summer days!

Disclaimer; I received this product for free in exchange for offering my honest and unbiased review.


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