FASHION FRIDAY! - How To Stay Fashionable All Winter

Oh em gee! This week went so fast! I turned around and WHAM! It's Friday! It's all good means it's time for another edition of FASHION FRIDAY!
Today, since we are now in the month of December, I am going to tackle tips on staying fashionable all winter long! Where I live, in Western New York, our winters can get pretty nasty...this can often make fashion take a back burner to not freezing to death! Thankfully though, this season so far has been really mild so yay! I can actually still dress nice and not just be forced to wear 4937536 layers of clothes just to survive!
Invest in a nice pair of tall boots. Obviously I am not talking about big bulky winter boots, of course. I am talking about some sexy stylish boots! They can totally make an outfit! Just check out some of these examples! They're all so gorgeous!

Layering. The key to layering is to do it without looking too bulky, to keep it to 3 or less. Also, think outside of the box on this. It doesn't have to be too matchy-matchy by any means. Different colors and patterns make an outfit look interesting, unique and adds character.

Scarfs are totally in right now, use it to your advantage! They look great and can help keep you warm! They're so popular right now so they are easy to find and stores have such a huge selection, you'll never get bored!

Find some cute hats or other winter accessories! There are endless options out there. Get creative! Be expressive! I actually have a few weird things, but I love them, so whatever! They're like a hood, with a scarf, with mitten-like pockets on the ends of the scarf. Oh yeah, and did I mention they are like animal fur and have ears? HaHa, yeah call me crazy, but I love them! I have two, different colors and styles. I also have some ear warmers and ear muffs that obviously help keep you very warm on the coldest of days, but they are actually cute too!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!
Stay Beautiful <3


  1. This post came just in time for me....I am awful at putting together a warm outfit that still looks stylish...probably because I've been breaking that 3 or less rule!!

  2. Love tall boots and scarves! I'm in NY too, so scarves are an absolute essential!

  3. I just got my tall, cute boots last week! I love them, they go with everything, and they're warm a fuzzy inside!

  4. I seriously love all of these! A girl can never have enough boots!

  5. these are definitely beautiful items for the winter wardrobe

  6. I love boots and I love all the boots in your photo's! OMG, maybe I have a boot fetish!

  7. Those boots are all awesome! I can never have too many. I also dress in layers here because it is often sub zero outside, but then so hot inside everywhere you go. I need some new scarves this winter too.

  8. I cannot live without my boots, scarves, and light jackets for Winter. It's not nearly as cold here as the midwest or NY so layering is a great way to stay warm.

  9. I love a great pair of fall/winter fashion boots!! Love your photos!


  10. Boots are by far the best thing about winter. Have you seen the new skinny uggs? They are actually pretty cute.
    I'm lucky enough to live where winters are typically pretty mild, so I can get away with just a couple of layers.
    but i love these tips!

  11. I love your leopard print gloves! They pop out in the picture!


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