Fashion Friday - Dress For Less

It has been a while since I added a "Dress for Less" post to my on-going series. Today is the perfect time! Why? Well, I just might have done a little clothing shopping, and I just might have done some damage! Damage to the space of my closet...But, no major damage was done to my wallet! How? Stick around to find out :)
While a lot of people were killing themselves over Black Friday Deals, or Grey Thursday Deals as they have been named (those deals that start on the evening of Thanksgiving Day), I stayed home and relaxed. In years past, yes, I had been crazy, waiting in lines for hours and shopping the mall at 3am...but I did not want to do that this year. In fact, I purposely did not look at any advertised deals because I did not want to be tempted. (And I know if I looked in the store ads, I would have been!) It was not until today, around noon, that I decided to go to only one store this Black Friday. It was to a local consignment store in my town. I love this place, especially on Black Friday because they hold their dollar sale! A good portion of the store are just a buck each! Dresses, pants, purses, shoes, tops, you name it! I scored some great items at amazing prices, let's check 'em out, shall we? 

Let's off with a couple great accessories! I got this beautiful scarf and purse for only $1 each! I love this blue color of the purse and as it turns out, it actually brings out the blue of the scarf! Now, I can be slightly germaphobic, so getting shoes that aren't brand new usually is not an option for me. However, if you look at the bottoms of these super cute shoes I got for only a buck, you can see they were maybe worn once, if ok, I can handle that!

Now, check out this super adorable dress I was able to pick up, also just for one dollar! It still has the store tags on it! (retail price $40). I will definitely be looking cute this summer in this one!

Now, blazers are a tricky thing for me. I am tall and have fairly broad shoulders, so sometimes I feel blazers aren't a good look for me. Like it just makes me look bulky. But they are back in style, not those shoulder-padded fugly ones from the 80's...the more modern take on blazers. So, I figured I'll take my chances on this one. The buttons on it give it an edgy look. Just $1!
Next up is this cute top. I love leopard print! This one was hard to get a good picture of, but it flares out in the back a little and is very light and flowy. What totally made it for me were the cute little gold skull buttons! Luvs it!

I love a skirt with pockets! I really like the fun print on this one and it is super comfortable!
I got a few T-shirts because well, it is always nice to just throw on an easy T-shirt and go! Or in chilly weather, these are great as a layering piece. And for $1, how could I pass them up!?! Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch? Yes, please!

I also love this top! It's really light material and would go well with so many things. Dress it up or dress it down! I think this would look great with a pair of jeans and black heels.
I like this top as well. I don't always like stuff sewn onto clothing, but this actually looks good! This will be a really nice summer shirt. I totally don't mind putting this away for a few months. When I can get a good deal, it's totally worth it.

This is a dress from Jennifer Lopez's clothing line. I just recently got a dress from her line and really liked that one...and this one is just as good! It hugs your curves in just the right places so it looks really good on! I like that the pattern, style and fit are all pretty unique. A nice addition to my dress collection!
Now, I most certainly did not show you everything I got from this dollar sale today...just a few to show you that it is easy to find nice clothing for super cheap! I am a mommy on a budget, but I still want to look good! I have figured out ways to dress top notch, for next to nothing!
Do you see anything here you like?



  1. I love consignment stores! You can find so many awesome deals there! It just takes some time to search them out!

  2. I love consignment stores for kids but haven't been to one for myself yet. I hope you will linkup with our Small Victories Sunday Linkup open all week.

  3. Where are you from? Which store you went?:)

  4. I got several favorite cosigns here in town for sweaters & purse esp!! Can't wait til after Christmas sales where everybody will be exchange stuff to be sold and items I love to buy! :)

    I love your shoes and blazer!!


  5. Ooh those are some nice finds! There's a consignment store near me but their selection isn't the best. I love shops like this! I think the purse is my favorite :)


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