Santamedical Tens Electronic Pulse Massager

Have you ever tried a tens unit/pulse massager?

I have suffered with chronic back pain for the last 13 years, after herniating three discs in my lumbar spine. I have been through multiple sessions of physical therapy, chiropractic care, seen pain med specialists, and so on. These things can offer some relief, but I still find myself in pain, almost constantly. It's not fun and it has had a huge impact on my life.
Years ago, I had a doctor recommend me using a tens unit. I got one through my doctor referral through my insurance company. It worked very well for a long time and it really can relieve some pain. Well, that tens unit got old and doesn't work as well these days. I had an opportunity to try this tens unit, ordered through Amazon. I was pleasantly surprised that this one works as well as the one I received through my insurance company. It is very easy to use and it has a LCD screen that shows massage style, intensity and time remaining. There are six auto modes, and you can adjust the speed and intensity that you desire. The best thing to do is start off low, and increase a little at a time. Because I am using this for back pain in my lumbar spine, I place the 4 electrode pads in that area. If you location of pain is elsewhere, you will place the pads around that specific area.

So, do you have to have a major injury to benefit from a tens unit? Not at all. These can be used to ease stress, muscle soreness, stiffness, or chronic pain. Many people like to use this device after a hard work out at the gym, or after a stressful day at work. When I was going to physical therapy, the tens unit was actually the first thing they did during my session. This home version, is not much different than the one used in physical therapy, it's just a smaller device. This unit is small enough that it can be taken anywhere and used anytime. It is FDA approved and the company offers a money back guarantee. This electrotherapy is really worth trying!
Disclaimer; I received this product for free for my honest and unbiased review.
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  1. This is the best Tens Unit for lower back pain. Thanks for sharing informative post.

  2. Best Dual Channel Pain relief Device tens unit electronic pulse massager for Chronic pain like back pain, Neck pain, Lower pain, Solder pain, period cramp pain and so on..

  3. Santamedical electronic tens pulse massager features microcomputer controls therefore you can easily adjust massager with available six automatic programs and three diverse styles of modes.
    Electronic Pulse Massager


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