Love My Lashes with 300X Fiber Mascara by Lash Factory!

Alright ladies, let's be honest. We all love to have beautiful long, thick eyelashes, right? Of course. What extent have you gone to trying to achieve it? Trying every mascara that comes out, claiming to increase your length and volume? I know in the past, I sure have! And even if each tube you buy is only under $10 each, after you try one after another, after another...with end up wasting a lot of money! I know if I look in my makeup stash right now, I have at least 8 tubes of mascara that I used a couple times and didn't like. That is nearly $80 bucks I basically threw away! Ugh, that's frustrating! Or have you tried false lashes that you glue on? Those can be tricky, often looking horribly unnatural. And have you ever had one come unglued halfway through your night? Oh my gosh, that is the worst! (And yes, I have had that scenario happen to me before!)
Well, what if I told you that I found a great mascara, so you can stop wasting your money?!? And stop battling with falsies?!? I recently tried 300X Fiber Mascara by Lash Factory. I fell in love! It comes in what looks like an eyeglass case, containing two tubes. One is the mascara, the other are the volume building fibers. You will use the Lash Factory mascara for the first layer. Then, you simply follow up with a layer of the lash fibers, giving your lashes super volume! To set it all in place, use one more coat of the Lash Factory mascara over the fibers and you are good to go! The whole process can be done in 60 seconds!
They look fabulous! It almost looks like you are wearing false lashes, as they are very dark and thick...however, much more natural looking, and you won't have to worry about anything coming unglued lol. Yay! Finally, I have found an amazing eyelash product! They make me feel sexier and more confident!
Here are a few facts about 300X Fiber Mascara! They are made with high-quality natural ingredients, including green tea fibers. They are safe for contact lens wearers and for sensitive eyes. They are water-resistant, yet easy to remove with soap & water. Flake-free and hypoallergenic, non-toxic, Paraben and SLS free.
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Disclaimer; I received this product as compensation for my honest and unbiased review.


  1. My friend swears by this stuff, and she's my go-to makeup gal. But I'm too exhausted to care so you know.. .rocking what I've got. :) LOL

  2. You look amazing with this Mascara on! Totally rocking it.
    x Aimee /

  3. You look gorgeous! Those eyelashes! I'll have to try some for our next date night. thanks!


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