Organic Matcha Premium Japanese Green Tea

I love tea. It is such a great, relaxing beverage. It has many health benefits too. I recently was able to try this Organic Matcha Premium Japanese Green Tea. There are so many different blends of tea on the market, I enjoy trying new ones when ever possible.
This is a premium grade tea, rich in antioxidants. In fact, this particular tea, has over 137 times the EGCG levels that regular steeped tea has. This tea is not only Organic and Vegan, but is also Gluten free, GMO free, and free of any pesticides. Why is this tea different than steeped tea? It do not come in a tea bag and there are no tea leaves; it is a powder! I have never had a tea in this form before, but it is really great. This Organic Matcha tea has been shown to help increase energy, reduce stress, support your immune system, reduce inflammation in your body, supports metabolism, and helps detox your body of harmful elements that we encounter on a daily basis.

The taste of this tea is very earthy and smooth. I added some fresh lemon, which really brought out the wonderful flavors. It has a very unique quality in its taste. Exotic, fresh, and clean tasting. The tea is a very earthy green color, like no other tea I have ever had. It truly is a unique experience!
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Disclaimer; I received this product complementary, in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. The thoughts and feelings expressed here are truly my own and are genuine.


  1. What a unique tea. I will have to try it. Thanks for the tip.


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