Have you had knee surgery or do you have a knee injury?

If so, this product, The New Genre Knee Brace, may be very beneficial to you!

I got this product for my niece. At age 16, she had to have knee surgery due to a sports injury. About a year later, she reinjured it and had to have surgery again! Ouch! Of course after the surgery, she was given a very expensive ($1,500) knee brace that was custom fit for her leg. Like many people who have these types of procedures, she still had some knee pain. She would often continue using her knee brace, even a year after the surgery. Well, then she lost her $1,500 knee brace. Tragic to her, who still used it, and insurance wasn't going to cover another one. So, when I saw this knee brace by Yangzhou Highloong Technology, Ltd., I was so excited to get it for her, hoping that it would offer some pain relief. We both knew it most likely was not going to help as much as the one that was custom made for her specific body, but would it be helpful?? Thankfully, it was! She reported that she wore it for marching band practices, for jogging, and other times when she was on her feet a lot. She said it did offer support for her knee and gave some pain relief too. I was so happy that she found it helpful! She is too young to be in constant pain, so I was very pleased this product helped her!


Disclaimer; I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.



  1. That is awesome this product work for her and shame!! on insurance not covering for another!!


  2. Hey dear I really don’t recommend knee surgery for the joint pain. I am an acupuncturist and know that acupuncture is very effective way to treat joint pain. Please visit my acupuncture-mississauga clinic for professional consultation.


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