Party Fun Beer Koozie!

Well, these days I am a bit older and I'm happy to say my big party days are over lol...but I still will often have evening cookouts and bonfires! I also enjoy having a beer or two during such times as well. So, when I saw these kick-ass beer koozies, I just had to try it!
Everyone probably has some koozies laying around their house. They might have a funny saying on them or an image of a palm tree from your last Florida vacation. But they are still pretty boring. Well, I found THIS one that kicks it up a notch! Take a boring koozie to a whole new level with the Cooler Torch! Put your drink inside the koozie and press a button to watch it light up! Yellow, Green, or flashing Red LED lights illuminate your drink! If you are in a dark setting, such as a party or outside at night, it will surely add to the fun! It also came with a small LED flashlight, equipped with a bottle opener at the end. And a little bag to store them both in.

This would make a good gift for someone, male or female. There are different color options, but I chose pink. If you know someone who likes to throw parties, I bet they would really love this! And of course, the flashlight comes in handy too! It is small enough for a pocket or purse, but it is super bright. I look forward to using this a lot next summer when cookout season is in full swing!
Disclaimer; I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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