Contouring can be CoNfUsInG!

If you pay attention to magazines or pinterest, you have probably seen it. Makeup Contouring. Makeup WHAT? Contouring! They show you pictures, most of which look pretty crazy, like mine here LOL...but have you actually tried this makeup trick yourself? Well, I did. It was a while ago. The first time, I came out looking ridiculous to say the least. Granted, I am not a makeup artist or anything, but I think I am fairly skilled in doing my own makeup on a daily basis. Well, I did NOT know what I was doing with this contouring fad.

I totally get the idea behind it. You highlight certain areas of your face, create shadows in others which can create a slimming effect or accentuate cheekbones and such. It makes total sense in theory, but trying it is a different thing! Well, I didn't give up. The first time, or second, maybe even third did not yield the results I wanted, or the results they say you should be getting. But, I realized it is more of a trial and error thing. The more you do it, the better at it you get. So, don't give up after just trying it once or twice. Wash your face and start over! Don't over apply, just do a little at a time. You can always add more, if needed. Really, this techinique is all about creating an optical elusion with your makeup!

The first key is to know what products to use! I read a few articles on makeup contouring and they never specified what exactly to use. I would go to the makeup aisle at the store and search for some magical contouring product, but never saw one. If you have, please let me know! So, I tried a few things I thought would work, or looked similar to what I had seen or read. But I ended up spending a lot of time and money on wrong products. I will try to save you that step!
So, after time and money spent, I finally found what I am currently using for Wal-Mart. I am pretty sure this is a new product, as I had not seen it until just recently. It is called Flower; Skincognito Stick Foundation. ( It actually is a cosmetic line from actress and model, Drew Barrymore. I picked up two colors, one much lighter than my natural skin tone (about two shades lighter), and one much darker (also about two shades darker). I specifically used "SF2" and "SF8".
Ok, so let's start applying! We really will only focus on a few areas of the face. Not every inch gets covered like when applying regular foundation makeup. Apply only to these specific areas and then the biggest key is to blend! Otherwise, this is where the horrible outcome can scare you off! So, remember..blend, blend, blend! It doesn't really matter which we start with, but let's just do the lighter area first. So, for this you will focus on the middle of your forehead, under each eye and a little on the upper portion of cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and the top of your chin. You can leave the makeup there, while moving onto the darker shade (no need to blend just yet).

Next, with the darker shade, apply by your hairline on right and left side only (not right in the middle), your jawline, and the hollows of your cheekbones. The best way to do the hollows of your cheekbones is to suck in your cheeks a bit. Where you see the indentation is right where you want to apply it. I am a fan of using my fingertips to apply makeup, so for this area especially, I put some on my fingers, suck in my cheeks and apply in an upward motion. Once all of these areas are covered, and yes, you will look funny...but this is where we blend! Blend all of these areas well. You do not want to see any definite lines of color. When you think you are done blending, blend once more! Haha, but I am serious, this is the key and the most important part! I then like to go over the lighter highlighted areas with a slightly shimmery powder. This just helps the skin pick up some extra light on those highlighted areas.

That is it! Now you are done and ready to go! Well, of course unless you also want to do eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, or lipstick...but hopefully you already know what you are doing there! If not, that can be a topic for the future! So, give it a try, play around with it and see how it turns out! I would love to hear from you on what worked, what didn't, etc. Best wishes and stay beautiful y'all!

Disclosure: I was not paid by, nor asked to review any of the products mentioned in this article. The thoughts and ideas expressed here are just from my own personal use. I am stating this in accordance with FTC regulations.


  1. This is really helpful! I was thinking about trying contouring so this will be a go to guide for me. Thanks for writing this!

    Lottie xx

  2. Thanks for the tips! Contouring has always baffled me....but I might attempt it now. Did you use your fingers to do all the blending or did you use a brush? If so what kind of brush?

    1. Great question, Lisa R. I used just my fingers for the whole process, although those little foam-like blending sponges work great too. But most of the time I use just my fingers...until the end when I apply the shimmer, for that I use a makeup brush. Nothing special, just your average blush-type of brush :)

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  4. That is so helpful! I think contouring is so helpful, but I am kind of clueless when it comes to products. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I have always wanted to try contouring, but like you can be confusing. Thanks for posting, maybe i'll give it a try!


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