Dress for Less with The Hometown Queen Bee!

Dress for Less!

I love fashion. I love looking good and feeling good in what I wear. If I were a multi-millionaire, I’m sure I would enjoy shopping trips on Rodeo Drive and 5th Ave. But, much to my despair, I’m no millionaire. In fact, since I have been a stay at home mom the last few years, I have really had to learn how to cut back on spending. However, I don’t want to wear ugly rags either! Good news! With just a little bit of time and effort on your part, you can find cute clothes at very affordable prices! In fact, I have found that I can buy a TON of clothes, for a fraction of what an average woman would spend a year. Plus, this way, I still get to do something I LOVE…shopping! And I am always getting to buy new things because it never breaks the bank!

Ok, so I know my method may not be for everyone. In fact, when I was younger, I wasn’t so eager to hunt for bargains or pick up items at yard sales and thrift stores. But you know what, I get compliments on my clothing literally everyday so I must be doing something right! And being very aware of germs and such, as I am…I am cautious of what I buy, and where, and of course everything in washed well before ever worn. And yes, I do buy clothing new sometimes, just not very often because you’ll find once you pay very little for beautiful items, it is then hard to pay full retail prices for things ever again lol. Plus, right now I am just focusing on my own clothing finds, but I will also get into how I dress my son in name brand and super cute outfits for less too! So, stay tuned for more blog posts covering that!

So, where do I go most for cute stuff? Well, in my area, there are a few places I like to visit regularly. Most people will have a Good Will or Salvation Army near them. Both are great places to find cute items! In fact, one huge bonus to going to these places verses your local mall, is that you can find more unique pieces that not everyone around you will be wearing. The Good Will near me has amazing deals on Sunday’s, where certain items are as little as 49 cents! The Salvation Army in my area has half off deals every Wednesday. I can not even tell you how many cute dresses, jeans, tops, etc. that I can find for super cheap! And I swear, some people will buy something new, wear it maybe once or twice, and donate it. I seriously have no problem with some girl buying a new Victoria’s Secret “PINK” hoodie, for probably $50 dollars, wearing it once, then I pick it up for let’s say three bucks. I love that savings! Seems stupid to pay more than fifteen times as much for the same item. I’d rather spend the money I can save, on doing things with my son!

 My town also has a consignment store that I like to frequent. This particular shop offers half off anything in the store on Tuesday’s. So, can you guess what day I go? Obvious, right? lol Now here, the tag price is usually a little higher than Good will or Salvation Army, but with the half off deal, you can still get a bargain! Also, this particular store focuses mostly on name brand labels…Nine West, Hollister, Abercrombie, Victoria’s Secret, American Eagle, Apt 9, Michael Kors, etc. And they have shoes and purses too! Want an authentic Coach handbag without spending full retail price? Yep, they have those too! Granted, you won’t be paying almost nothing, but it will definitely beat the full retail price!

Another good example of a consignment store that you might want to check out is Plato’s Closet. They have clothes, shoes, and purses. Even some jewelry. They are always running deals and specials where you can score extra amazing deals! I have found some very cute clothes from the Plato’s Closet near me!


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