Great Yard Sale Finds

It is no secret, I love yard sales! Who's with me?? True, many you go to aren't good...those are the ones you either drive right past, or get out and look for all of two seconds and go on your way! Well, this weekend I spent a few hours yard saling and I found some great items! In fact, I found A LOT of great items. Basically, my car was full of my treasures lol. I won't share it all with you because frankly, we would be here all day. I found clothes for myself and my son, accessories, shoes, purses, household items and décor!

Ok, so I'll start off with clothing and shoes! Like I said, I will only show a select few, not my entire haul. I love when I find new items that still have the store tag on them. For instance, I found a sequence button up sweater from American Eagle, with the store tag and retail price of $69.99...which I paid only two bucks for!

I also found this adorable pair of shoes that have no sign of wear, with beautiful bows with bling, also for two dollars! Any Anyone who knows me, knows I have an obsession with shoes, and with purses! If I told you my last count of my inventory of shoes and purses, you might think I was crazy. (Maybe I am a little, haha!) I will say though, after buying items with weekend, I did go through my closets and got rid of a bunch of clothes, shoes, and yes, even a couple purses! So this weekend I bought just one purse, a Guess brand purse that I found to be rather unique. The picture doesn't do it justice. I really need to start using my camera, and not just my phone for blog pics because the quality will hopefully be better. But the way Guess is written is kind of cool and there is bling around the circular part. Just for the record, I love "bling", however I actually can't stand that term! But, for lack of a better word, there it is, lol! Anyhow, I scored this purse, in perfect condition for only $3.00!
I also got several nice items for home décor. I found some beautiful silverish-gray curtains that I think will look amazing in my bedroom. They are the long 84" and look very elegant. I got a set of four panels for $3.00. I have not washed or hung those yet, so no pictures and you'll just have to take my word for it, that it was a good yard sale find! I also found a set of two pictures, with silver frames, that I thought would look nice in the room along with the curtains. Each picture is of a flower, in black and white and matted.  I love taking pictures, even though in this digital world I am sometimes bad about printing them, but I found a beautiful, large photo album. This is brand new and was only two dollars. I also found a cute floral decorative piece for a dollar that can dress up any shelf! I also found a smaller sized lamp, perfect for a bed-side table or mantel, for only $2.00!

Now, I also got some clothes for my son, but they were nothing special, just shirts and pants, so I won't bore you with any of that. I limit the amount of toys I get him at this point because he already has so many he doesn't know what to do with! I am however, a sucker for anything educational! I came across something I had never seen before, and even as an adult, I thought it was pretty cool. It's a Human Body Model. It comes with a book, and a clear plastic body, with 30 internal body parts and organs, that you put into place, creating a whole model of the human body! I opened the box and counted the pieces and it was all there, along with the informative book. I thought this would be great for my son, who is very intelligent and loves to learn! The price on this cool educational toy??? Take a guess!...Only .50 cents! ...SOLD! We can have lots of fun learning and putting this together for less than a cup of coffee would cost! Things like that excite me! I love getting cool stuff for a great deal! Not to mention, I have never seen this item in any store I've ever been to.
Alright, well there you have it...just a few items that I found that I was most excited and happy about! I also had some conversations with interesting people, was out on a beautiful sunny summer day, and even got some exercise while going to a huge neighborhood sale. It for sure is one of my favorite hobbies! Anyone like to join me sometime??? ;) If you are out in my neck of the woods, you just might run into me! I'll be the one scooping up all the good finds! ;)


  1. You scored some great finds!
    Cynthia @craftoflaughter

    1. Thank you! I know it's probably bad to say, but I get a sort of "high" from getting good stuff for a great price lol.


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