Hair Color Review - Garnier Olia

You should have seen my hair when I was little! It was so blonde, it was nearly white. Well, as I got older, my hair got darker. So, now in adulthood, my natural color is still blonde, but it is more of a dirty blonde. It's kind of dull, and boring in my opinion, so I like to color it to make it a bit lighter. Blondes have more fun, right?!?

Well, I never have my hair colored at a salon. I always do it at home, myself. I have tried most products on the market at one time or another. Often, I will use a product that I got a coupon for out of the Sunday newspaper. Sometimes I will like the product, sometimes..not so much lol. So, after trying this new product, I thought I would share my results with y'all.

I had a coupon for Garnier Olia, $2.00 off one box. Since it was only about $8, minus the coupon, I thought it was worth a try! I am very glad I did!

I used the lightest color the store carried of this product, which was "lightest ash blonde". This new product has no ammonia, and is a 60% oil blend formula, which leaves hair in good condition. It also offers 100% gray coverage. thankfully not something I need to worry yet lol.

One of the first things I noticed about the product was the smell. If you ever color your hair, you know that some have a very strong, horrible chemical smell. This was the best smelling hair coloring product I've ever used. It wasn't harsh or strong, and it was rather pleasant. After applying the dye, and leaving it on for approximately 30 minutes, it was time to rinse. I used the conditioner it came with and that also smelled good and seemed like a good conditioner. But now, for the real did the color turn out? I wasn't looking to really change my current hair color, it was mostly to cover my roots. I blow dried and styled it so I could see the results best. And the verdict? ...I loved it! I don't like when the blonde comes out really brassy, but this wasn't! This was a very natural tone and it did not have the "I just dyed my hair look". I didn't feel like it was damaging to my hair either. I would recommend this product to anyone. In fact, I have another coupon for it, so I will be buying another box for the next time I want to color my hair!

(Disclaimer; I was not paid for this product review. I purchased the product with cash and I will not be compensated in any way. The review are strictly my personal feelings on the product.)


  1. The new color looks great on you! When I think of at-home colors I think of that yucky ammonia smell - it's great that the Garnier one doesn't have that :)

  2. Oh my gosh this looks beautiful!! I always got a brassy color when I used to color my own hair, but you achieved a beautiful bright blonde.

  3. Looks great! I tried to dye my hair once, and it wasn't good. Thankfully it was a a temporary version. I haven't tried since. Ha

  4. Hi! I have been wanting to try out that brand. I also color my hair blond. A few months ago though I did a bright red color. No one liked it, but me. I found another hair dye that doesn't smell either. It's good to know that they have another out there doesn't smell. I will give this one a try.

    Renee May @ Virgin Hair Fixx


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