Get Pretty Nails at Home? Yes, you can!

Even though I am very "girly", I almost never go for a professional manicure. It's just something I never got into and I can't see spending so much money, week after week on my nails. I guess since my natural nails grow very well and look pretty (I always get compliments on them), it has never been an area of concern for me. However, I will say, I do like the look of manicured nails. Especially the French manicure, I love that! I also will always have nail polish on my toes, but that, obviously is very easy to do yourself and it will last for quite a while without much fuss.

Well, I went to a gathering with a bunch of ladies last year. It was just some woman hanging out, drinking wine, and trying some products to pamper ourselves. Also, a couple of the ladies had some manicure kits and offered to do our nails. I was totally up for that, it sounded fun! I had never used any gel nail product before, so it was all totally new to me! Well, after it was done, I was in love! I loved they way the gel nails looked! It lasted a couple weeks and did not chip like regular nail polish does like ten minutes after applying it lol. I was hooked! I needed to get one of those get nail kits!

So, I started looking into different gel nails kits. I compared prices and looked into what was included. I decided on SensatioNail® Starter Kit. This kit includes everything needed for gel applications; the LED lamp, gel base/top coat, primer, polish, cleanser, wipes and a nail buffer. I also picked up a couple extra nail polish colors so I had some options each time I would do my nails.
SensatioNail® Gel Starter Kit
 I will tell you with all honesty that when you do it yourself, it takes a few tries to really get good at the application process. Don't give up if it doesn't look great the first time. It is a bit different than just applying regular nail polish. First of all, there are several steps involved. You first use the nail buffer to smooth out the nail beds. Then use a wipe with the cleanser on each nail. The primer is used next, just a little on each nail and for this step you can just let it air dry. You next apply the base/top coat, and use the LED lamp to cure it for 30 seconds. Then apply the get polish, being sure to "cap" the nail. This means that you should run the polish brush over the nail tip. Doing this helps to seal the nail polish better and prevent pealing. After the first coat of polish, you put your nails under the LED lamp for 30 seconds. Apply another thin layer of gel nail polish again, also applying to the cap of the nail, and then put nails under the LED lamp for 60 seconds this time. Next, apply a layer of the base/top coat, also applying to the cap of the nail, and cure under the lamp for yet another 60 seconds. The final step is to use the gel cleanser with the wipes and running it over each nail, which removes the moisture and gives the nails that smooth look and feel.
SensatioNail® LED Lamp
Now, I can have amazing nails at home, anytime I want, and for only a fraction of the cost of having to run to a nail salon. And don't forget you can have fun with the colors! My favorite style to do is use a hot pink nail color on all nails, except for my ring fingers. For my ring fingers, I like to use a very sparkly and glittery silver nail polish, as an accent nail. I like having fun with it and doing something unique! So experiment, see what colors you like and don't be afraid to mix it up!

(Disclaimer; I was not paid for my review of the SensatioNail® Gel Starter Kit. I bought the product on my own and just wanted to share my results and thoughts on the product with my blog readers.)


  1. I wish I was actually good at this kind of stuff. I love buying products for my hair, but I know I dont't good enough care on my nails. I should though...they always look icky!

  2. Oh no! I need this now! :p great review z

  3. Oh no! I need this now! :p great review z

  4. I have this; I got it for my birthday! I was really impressed with it the first few times, but then my nail polish started peeling off completely after a couple days; I must be doing something wrong!

    xo, Chelsie @ Life with Rosie

  5. I've always wondered if this really works!!! Thanks for the review!

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