Home Decorating with the Hometown Queen Bee!

I love interior design. In fact, I nearly went to school specifically for that while I was living in Florida several years back. Although sadly, that never happened, I still have a passion for it! So, although I never had any technical training in the field, I still feel like I have good taste. Well, funny thing about that statement is I suppose everyone thinks they have "good taste", because it's YOUR taste, ok, but I digress.

I went around my house and picked out a few of my favorite items or areas that I particularly enjoy. If I had an amazing budget...oh the things I would do! I can spend hours on pinterest, looking at home decor! But, this is the best I can do on a small budget. Adding some interesting pieces when I can, a little at a time.

Let me take you on a miniature tour of my home...

This hangs in my dining room; it's pretty large and the colors in it really go well with the wall color. Believe it or not, this is actually from Walmart...Hey, sometimes you can find nice decorating items there!

This fireplace screen is from Pier One and the picture doesn't do it justice! It really dressed up our old fireplace, although sometime in the future I would like to paint the brick and redo the tile in front of it.

I got this picture from Target a few years back...It's a bit different, but I like it!

This is in my upstairs hallway...it is actually a decorative plate holder, but I repurposed it to hold a couple photo frames.

This is a section on my home office. It's comfortable and allows me to relax and be creative!

a self-portrait my son did in school this last year
Don't forget the kid's room! These are taken from my son's bedroom. He is a six year old boy, so I try to keep it fun. I also make sure to include a lot of his own art work! For one reason, I think it's great (of course I do, I'm his mom!) and I also think it is important for him to feel I am proud of him and what he creates. It also is a personal touch for his personal space!

Just some fun décor, perfect for a six year old boy!


  1. Great post, your blog is so cute. Lovr the decorating ideas :)


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