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So, today I wrapped up all the school shopping for my son. I know for some of you this seems really late but here in this area, school doesn't start until next week. Yes, I still procrastinated a little on getting his school supplies, usually I get them way before now, but I just didn't want to face the fact that summer is coming to an end. Ok, so I faced it today...the weather was absolutely beautiful though so it didn't feel too harsh. But the first time the daytime high doesn't reach above 50, listen for my soft cries and groans. But all that aside for now, let's talk about our kiddos heading back for another school year!!

My son, Xander, is going into first grade. It is crazy how fast time flies! I look back on his baby pictures and then look at him now and it totally blows my mind! Of course, it probably feels extra shocking because although he is six years old, he is about as tall as an 8-10 year old. I'm tall, and his father is tall, so I'm not all that surprised he is a tall kid. I can't believe not all that long ago, he couldn't walk, or talk. They learn and grow so much in the first few years of their lives! They go from helpless little babies to little people who can reason with you, often times proving you, the parent, wrong! haha, or am I the only one who's child outsmarts me every now and then? But I do love watching him learn and grow into a fine young man!

But, pardon me while I reminisce for a moment...
Gotta love those big blue eyes!

best toothless smile everrr!

always was very inquisitive!
Anyway, for the first grade their school supply list wasn't very bad at all. Just the basics you might expect...a couple composition notebooks, pencils, pencil box, erasers, crayons, glue sticks, scissors, etc. I know as he gets older, the lists are sure to get longer...and require more expensive items, like graphing calculators and laptops! So for now, I will enjoy the simple and easy lists!

I figured I would go to the Dollar Store first and pick up some of the stuff there. I was actually surprised to find I was able to get most of it there. Kuddos to the Dollar Tree (the name of our dollar store, pretty sure they're all over, right?) for having a decent selection of school stuff. A few things I rather get at Wal-Mart, to ensure better quality, but still I made out well. I already did the shopping for his clothing, so that was already behind me. I also ordered a super cute Minions backpack and lunchbox back in July, when they had a good online offer. I did however go to TJMaxx today to have a look around and to buy him new undies! It was the one clothing item I hadn't yet gotten. I love getting them there because they have really nice Calvin Klein and Nautica underwear, and they are the same price there as cheap cartoon ones elsewhere. So my kiddo is stylin' right down to his skivvies!

Last years school pic of Xander (Kindergarten)
School supplies for my 1st grader!
Minions backpack and lunchbox, so cute :)
I wish all of your kids a wonderful school year, as well as mine! Make learning fun...Try to always encourage your children...Never put them down...Offer emotional support when they need it...They only have one childhood...Make it count!!! 


  1. Love your last few points in the post - always encourage your children and make it count! Such great advice x

  2. Enjoy the last days of summer! I tried to get most of the shopping done earlier by oldest sons teachers give out supply lists during the first day of school. 1st grade is a fun year, hope he has a great year!

  3. He looks like he was such a sweet baby and such a cute kindergartner! I bet it is nice to have school start a little later than everyone else's just so you can soak up some more of those moments together :)
    Autumn @ Stay gold Autumn

  4. As many times as I go into the Dollar Tree, I never thought about back to school stuff. This is good to know!

  5. We searched everywhere for either a minions or my little pony lunch box and Ughhh... Ended up having to order one since this town sucks when it comes to cute things lol....

  6. Aw Happy 1st Day of School!! Great mama advice as well my dear.

  7. This made me dread the school years. It goes so fast. My girls are still under two but even now I'm beginning to look at local schools. There's a fantastic song lyric from Abba that I always think of when I look at my girls: "sometimes I wish that I could freeze the picture and save it from the funny tricks of time". The song is "Slipping Through my Fingers" and WILL make you cry.

    I hope he enjoyed his first day.


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