Taco Tuesday! My tiwst on boring TACOS!

I made these tacos the other night and oh my gosh, I swear, they were the best I've ever had! Now, the thing with tacos is that they are pretty simple. Some meat, taco seasoning, cheese, maybe some lettuce and hot sauce, yadda yadda. Well, the other day when my son requested tacos for dinner, I was at the store collecting ingredients and was trying to find something to put a little spin on the usual boring taco. I found it! I don't think I ever want to make tacos my old way again!

I just added one simple thing to my normal recipe and it made all the difference in the world, took practically no extra time and only a couple extra dollars! Check out your frozen aisle at the store and look for Green Giant's Honey Roasted Seasoned Sweet corn (with peppers). That's it! Ok, so this is what I did to create this delicious twist on tacos!

Here is all you will need:
1 pound of ground beef (or turkey if you prefer)
1 packet of tacos seasoning
1 bag of Honey Roasted Sweet Corn and Peppers
cheese (I used a Mexican blend)
hot sauce
Taco shells

Start of by putting the meat in a pan and cooking it on medium, making sure to break it up and mix often. Preheat your oven to about 350 degrees. Around this time you can put the steamer bag of Green Giant's Honey Roasted Seasoned Corn/Peppers in the microwave. You can cook it stove top if you prefer, your call! The amount of time you microwave it depends on the wattage of your microwave so be sure to check that against the instructions on the package. Mine took 5 minutes.

As you are cooking the meat, you can wash and chop up some lettuce, tomatoes or anything else you care to add. The cheese I got came shredded but if you bought a block of cheese, shred that up. You can put the taco shells on a baking pan and put them in the oven, usually they only take 3-4 minutes but read the box of the particular brand you have.

Once you notice the meat is about totally cooked, add a couple teaspoons of water and the tacos seasoning and continue to stir. Once that seems nicely done and the corn and peppers are done, throw them in the pan along with the meat and let them cook together for just a couple minutes more, as you continue to stir.

Once you take the taco shells out of the oven, you are ready to stuff them! Put the meat and corn mixture in and top off anyway you like! I used cheese, lettuce, and some hot sauce. Yum! Enjoy!


  1. I. Love. TACOS! It's 8:45 in the morning but you have me craving your tacos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. They look good and I wouldn't even class myself a fan of tacos, they're not something we eat much (or generally in the UK) but I think I should make an exception :)

  3. Wow, that looks quite delicious. We always make tacos - but they are kind of boring after a while. I agree! Thanks for a new twist, sounds yummy.

    Michelle - heylittlefighter.com - a special needs parenting blog

  4. Oooh that corn looks yummy!! Need to try that :)

  5. We adore tacos here! Love the look of that corn!

  6. So funny that you posted this because without even thinking what day it is, I put chicken in the crockpot and sprinkled taco seasoning and salsa all over it! WA-LA! Taco Tuesday here too!!!!

  7. I could eat tacos every day for every meal :) Love them. Taco Tuesday is the best day of the week!

  8. That corn/pepper mix is so yummy and I bet it was a great addition! Probably gives some good texture and sweetness:) yum!

  9. We love taco night and burrito night is another favorite. My kids would love this recipe.

  10. Love me some tacos. Haven't had any since we moved over to the UK though, come to think of it. Thanks for the reminder!

  11. These look great! I love mixing in some black beans with mine too.

  12. I love the twist of having veggies in there. We just did taco night a couple days ago!

  13. You did a wonderful job with your ingredient choices and I bet it tasted real good. I don't eat meat but love veggies with every meal.

  14. Its always awesome to stumble upon a new ingredient that changes your life! Thanks for sharing your recipe! :-D

  15. Being a vegetarian I can see myself trying this with beans or other protein . Good one.



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