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I began blogging only about three months ago. I have a couple friends who are really into it and whenever we got together I was told "you should totally do this too!". Ok, so finally I decided to dive in and give it a try! I must say, so far it has really been a fun experience! It is a lot of work though. Just time consuming really, but can be totally worth it! In just these few short months I have learned so much and interacted with some very awesome and creative people!

I am so excited to announce that I was just nominated for the The Newbie Blogging Liebster Award! I was nominated by the lovely blogger Stacey Smith at So, thank you, Stacey! Her blog is really cool, so you might want to check her out! She is a nurse, a mom, and a crafter, among other things! I love her scrapbooking, and her kids are super adorable by the way!

So, what does this award mean? It is a recognition of new blogs, by other bloggers, as a way to show support and encouragement! Once you start blogging, you get to know many other bloggers through their pages. Facebook along with other social media platforms are a huge key to a bloggers success and growth. This award is just one more way to get your blog noticed! Now, I am looking for a few blogger to nominate as well! Could it be you?

Here are my nominations! Congrats to you all! I looked at so many new blogs and it was so hard to narrow it down to just these guys!...But you all had great blogs that I was impressed with!
Clarissa Esquivel at
Sarah Runge at
Michelle Porter Frost at
Kate Oliver at
Marina Laduda at
Aaronica Bell Cole at
Rhiann O'Connor at
Arch Jell Ramos Robante at
Sandy Huang at
Ash Park at

Ok nominees, these are the rules:
1. Post your award to your blog
2. Answer the questions you were given by the person who nominated you
3. Nominate a small group of other new bloggers you’ve discovered
4. Create 10 new questions for the nominees
5. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link their blog

Here are the questions I was asked to answer! Ready?...

1. How did you come up with your blogs name? Well, I wanted something cute and catchy. It probably took me several day to come up with "Hometown Queen Bee". I had probably five others I wanted but they were either already taken or didn't work well for one reason or another. I am actually really happy with the name! The "Hometown" part comes from the fact that although I had moved away for a few years, I am living in my hometown! The same place I was born and raised is where I currently reside and am raising my son. And then the "Queen Bee" part? Well, it just sort of fits my personality I guess!

1. Why did you start your blog? I have two very good friends who have been blogging for a while now. I really liked everything they shared with me about their experiences. I have a bad back injury that I have suffered with for nearly 13 years now and a lot of physical activities are near impossible with my condition. So, this makes many jobs unrealistic with my limitations. But with blogging, I can do a little at a time...when I want, how I want. I can sit at my desk, lay in my bed, and take breaks to stretch as much as I need! All of which would not be possible with your average job, obviously lol. So, this is my attempt to become a professional blogger and make a career of it!

3. What are your future plans for your blog? Pretty simple really. Just keep growing! I love to write. English was always my favorite and best subject in school. Writing comes naturally to me and I am learning more and more everyday. I look forward to writing more articles, helpful tips, and recipes.

4. What are your two favorite blog posts you have written? Oh, let's see...possibly the blog post about throwing a wine tasting party. Coincidently, that seems to be my readers most popular choice too, getting the most amount of views! It was both fun to do and to write. I have a friend who is an independent representative for The Traveling Vineyard, and she brought some samples of their wine. I prepared food to pair with the different wine choices, while she also thought us some things on wine tasting. I love wine, my friends that came to the party love wine...and it was a good time!  

5. Suggest five other blogs I should follow... Ok, well these blogger-buddies I keep mentioning shall be the first two on my list, followed by three others I just like the content of!

6. Where do you live in the world? I live in Western New York. When you tell people you live in New York, the reaction is almost always the same..."Oh, New York City! Cool!"...ummm, no hun, New York is a big state and NYC is about an eight hour drive from me lol. I am closer to Buffalo, and actually really close to Erie, Pa. The Pennsylvania boarder is only like 10 miles away. So on a map, locate Buffalo, NY and Erie, Pa...and I'm between them :)

7. What do you enjoy to do when you get some time to yourself? I love a good movie. I love champagne and strawberries! I love to take naps lol. I love to get together with the girls and chat about our crazy lives and vent about our kids, spouses/bf's, jobs, family members, etc. Oh, and shopping! Yessss, love shopping!

8. Place you would most like to visit? Hmmm....somewhere out West. I've been all over on the eastern part of the country, but hardly anything west. Furthest west I've been was Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas but even that was just for a football game and I was only there two days and didn't get to see much. I love to travel too! Not so much fly, yeah just not a fan of being thousands of feet up in the air, but I love road trips! I need to take a road trip out west somewhere one of these days!

9. What do you think is the best thing you have discovered through blogging? Oh, great question! I am learning to be myself! I can express myself through my blog, somewhat freely... I am still trying to find that line of how much personal stuff I want to share and where I want to keep my private life private, but that is just something you figure out as you go. It's different for everyone, you have to find out what you're comfortable disclosing to your readers. It's actually pretty tough to find a balance.

10. Do you have a job, outside of blogging. If so what do you do? I actually kind of address this in the first question, but I'll expand on it. Since my son was born, I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. For me, if you are going to have children, if you can possibly swing it financially, stay home with your kids and raise them. Teach them all the morals and values that will mold their entire lives. I was fortunate enough to be able to do this. My plan was to do that until my son went to school. But then with my back injury getting worse and worse, going back to work hasn't really been an option. I'm currently seeing a chiropractor and pain management doctors, but I'll never be pain free in this world. So, for now, blogging is my only job... along with continuing to raise my son!

Now, here are the questions for you (the nominees) to answer on your blog post;
1. What is your favorite part of being a blogger?
2. What do you find most challenging about blogging?
3. Is blogging your hobby, career, or an extension of your business?
4. How long have you been blogging?
5. How much time a day or week do you spend working on your blog?
6. What are your favorite things to blog about?
7. Where would you like to see your blog headed in the next 6-12 months?
8. What are your five favorite blogs?
9. What social media platforms do you use to promote your blog? List them :)
10. Tell us one little unknown fact about yourself!

Happy Blogging!!


  1. Your page is seriously so inspiring. I love it and will definitely be a forever reader!

  2. Congratulations on your award nomination! I've only been blogging for a short amount of time too, but I am loving everything about it so far.


  3. Welcome to the world of blogging and nice to meet you!

    1. Thank you, Heather! Nice to meet you as well! Do you have a blog I can check out?

  4. Congrats on your award! I always love reading why people started, so thanks for sharing!

  5. Liebster Awards are so fun! This was a great first post to read!

    xx. Brittany | Southern Soul


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