HQB's Friday Five

Hey y'all! It's Friiiidayyy! ...time for another edition of HQB's Friday Five! Today I am going to cover my 5 favorite things to do with my son! Since he was born, my life pretty much revolves around him, so of course we have our little favorite activities we do all the time! It is actually really hard to narrow it down to just five, but I did it!

1. Board Games! I love board games, card games, you name it. I like adult games but I especially enjoy playing children's board games! And it helps that my son is pretty fun to play with! He is quick to learn the rules and for the most part is a good sport even when he loses. You have to let your kids know that they can't win every single time. Just one of those facts of life better learned early on. Board games are especially good on rainy days or in the winter when outdoor play isn't always possible. Some of our favorites are Monopoly Jr., Operation, Guess Who, Don't Break the Ice and Checkers.

Monopoly Jr.

Guess Who?

2. Traveling. Even when my son was a baby, he was great on road trips! I've said it before, but I'll say it again..I don't really care for flying. I much rather take a car. I love the idea of getting somewhere in just a couple short hours verses driving all day, yet, driving is still my preferred way to go! (darn fear of flying!) I have taken my son on many trips so far in his six years of life! From where we live in New York..to Toronto, Canada..to Nashville, Tennessee..to Chicago, IL..and even once to Orlando, Florida! He has always been a great traveler, very content to just enjoy the ride! Especially if you play music in the car! (my little music lover!) I wish we had time and money to travel even more than we have, but I am glad we have been fortunate to go places we have thus far. We always have so much fun when we go out of town! It can be simple site-seeing to a major theme park, it's all good when we are just enjoying it together! <3 Since my son was only about 18 months old when he visited Disney World, I really hope to take him again sometime before he will outgrow that "magic" of it all!

Rock Island, Tennessee

Cave City, Kentucky

Chicago, IL

Baby Xander at a beach in Florida

3. Local Activities and Outdoor Fun. Locally, we like to visit car shows, live music, festivals, etc. These are always a fun way to spend a day together! The car shows are fun to walk around and talk about our favorite cars, enjoy a snow cone, and soak in the sunshine. Recently, a nice car owner at a show even let my son sit in one of the cars! This past summer, we went to see a live local band, Easy Street...and the drummer called Xander up on stage to take a photo! He felt so special! We also love taking walks, when we can talk and share ideas and thoughts. It is also fun to play some outdoor sports and visit various playgrounds! Our winters can be harsh and long, so when weather is nice, spending time outside is always going to be a favorite time for us! Ok, there is one event that I will brave the cold for...and that is our local ice castle! They build it each year on Chautauqua Lake and it is pretty neat to go see.

checking out a car show!
Hanging with the drummer from Easy Street!

simple playground fun...
doing some skating...

a little baseball...

Chautauqua Lake Ice Castle

4. Our Spirituality. Since Xander was a baby, I have taken him with me to religious meetings. I personally feel it is very important to teach my child what is in the Bible. He absolutely loves attending the meetings and is always eager to participate. His genuine love for God is so heartwarming and let's me know that all the effort is well worth it! It also bonds us, a strong common belief we share. It truly is one of the most important part of our lives, and I wouldn't want it any other way!

My son and I at a religious convention, learning about God <3

dressed up in our Sunday best :)

5. Our Laughter! And our silliness! It was hard to narrow this list down to only five, but this last one sums it up well! What ever makes us laugh and enjoy the moment, are the best moments that I always treasure! There are times to be serious, but then there are times to just be goofy! We love those times! I am a firm believer that laughter is the best medicine! Is has to be! Have you ever had a really good laugh, and then felt horrible right after? No way! It lifts the mood and your spirits! So, I will leave number five at just being silly and having fun together!

that is one mighty hard laugh right there!!!

nothing like pure joy on your child's face!

we like to be silly, what can I say?

Ha-Ha :)

Thanks for reading this weeks Friday Five! I wish you all a HAPPY WEEKEND! <3
Stay Beautiful :)


  1. This is Awesome! I love that you do so much with your son. Mine is 3 years old ;)

  2. Love this list, ours would be very similar! My 4 y/o is on such a board game kick right now..we play Monopoly Here and Now almost every day!

  3. This is such a sweet list! I love doing a lot of these things with my son too. I will definitely have to take him to a car show because he would absolutely love it!

  4. What a great post idea! I enjoy taking my son to the movies, out for frozen yogurt, and to the playground to play and have a picnic. Oh, and anything and everything involving LEGOS!

  5. My son loves one on one outside time.. Basketball, park time, etc. I love those moments with just him!

  6. Awe .It looks like you two have so much fun together . I love taking my boys to local events. We've done lots of road trips, and hope to take them on a plane soon.


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