HQB's Friday Five - Favorite Vacation Spots

Hello and happy Friday everyone! Since it's Friday, it is time for another edition of HBQ's Friday Five! Today I thought I would list my top five favorite vacation spots. Now, I will tell you upfront, I am not well traveled. Sad, I know. I haven't been to foreign lands, remote tropical islands, or exotic cities. Everything on my list will be pretty simple places you get can to via a road trip. I actually don't travel by air, it just isn't my thing. A slight fear actually. I have flown a few times but honestly, if I never fly again, I'd be totally fine with that lol. So, my preferred method of travel is the good ol' family car! Ok, so now that you're expectations are nice and low...here we go!

1. Nashville, Tennessee - Oh, how I LOVE Nashville! It does help that my sister lives in that area and I love visiting them, but even with that factor aside, I love that city! Walk around Broadway on a Friday night and you seriously can not ever get bored! Every bar has live music, there are restaurants galore, and all kinds of cool shops! It is just so much fun! And certain times of the year, you will find so much amazing entertainment! The Country Music Awards are held there and during that week, you can spot music sensations and free concerts! One day I caught a free concert of Little Big Town, and later had passed Toby Keith and his entourage at a bar! You can take a horse carriage ride or ride on the Pedal Tavern! And don't forget to look the for Balloon Guy! He is downtown every single time I have been there! He dresses up sort of clown-like and will make you just about any balloon animal you could think of! The kids love it! Of course the Grand Ole Opry is there too, with lots of entertainment! The hotel next to it, Gaylord Opryland, is truly amazing! Even if you do not stay there, you should check it out. There is a lot to do there just as a visitor. You can walk around their amazing glass atriums and see greenery and waterfalls, boat rides and water fountains that dance to music! They also have a spa, stores and restaurants. All around the whole area is just awesome, people are super friendly and the weather is nice! Loves it!

Where else can you ride the "Pedal Tavern"!?!

The Balloon Guy!
This time the Balloon Guy made my son a fancy hat!
Little Big Town Concert

Hey Toby Keith! Can I have your autograph??

Amazing restaurants...

Dancing Fountains...

How about a romantic boat ride?
Gaylord Opryland

More dinning options at the Gaylord...


2. Fall Creek Falls, Tennessee - Oh what do ya know, another Tennessee location! Yeah, you'll quickly realize I truly love that state! But Fall Creek Falls, unlike Nashville, is very quiet and full of nature and natural beauty! It is a state park actually, you can camp there or visit for the day. Horseback riding, hiking, swimming, site seeing...it's all there! Pictures do not even do this place justice! The waterfalls, rope bridges, mountains and cliffs are spectacular! It is about a hour or two drive from Nashville but if you are ever visiting there, try to hop on over to this place too! You won't regret it!
Fall Creeks Falls State Park

Fall Creeks Falls State Park
Fall Creeks Falls State Park
Fall Creeks Falls State Park
3. Orlando, Florida - Ok, so I used to live here for a few years, back in my 20's, but it is still one of my favorite places to visit! Umm, they have Disney World, hello?!? How can you beat that?!? It's been a few years since I have been there...I think I'm due for a trip!...but it is a great place to spend some time! I was able to take my son there but he was so little and has no recollection of it, so I will definitely have to take him once more during his childhood! It's a short drive to the nearest beach, but still close enough. Of course Orlando also has Universal Studios, some very high end restaurants and clubs, amazing weather, and huge shopping malls! Oh, and I can't forget those little lizards that run around everywhere down there! I love those cute little guys!
Disney World in Orlando, FL
You're never too old to believe in fairy tails!

me, back in 2010 at Disney

Hard Rock at Universal Studios in Orlando

4. New York City - The city that never sleeps...how could NYC not make my list? I mean it literally has everything you could ever want to see or do! Site seeing, entertainment, shopping, restaurants, etc...and I don't know what it is about being in a big city, but it's just fun and exciting! (Sorry for the lack of pics here, couldn't find my stash of NYC pics :/ )

NYC <3
5. Chicago - The windy city...yes, just like NYC it has that exciting big city feel! One thing I really love about Chicago is that it is right on Lake Michigan, giving you access to a beach right by the city... even though I never have actually gone to that beach lol. There is Navy Pier to check out, as well as Buckingham Fountain! You can also visit the old Sears Tower, now known as Willis Tower. This 110 story building is the 12th tallest in the world. On the 103rd floor, you can walk out onto their skydeck ledge, where nothing is under your feet but some glass. I am sure the view is amazing, but not liking heights would make that more of a torture for me than a fun experience. But please, have at it, and tell me how it goes! They have a I have some family in the Chicago area so going there to visit is always nice! I am always amazed at the buildings and architecture in this city! Truly some of the coolest I've ever seen!
Buckingham Fountain in Chicago

a little silliness...

very foggy and chilly on this day in Chicago!

Alright, that wraps up another HQB's Friday Five! Happy weekend my lovelies!!!


  1. It's so funny, I have always wanted to go to Chicago and your post is the third this week highlighting... Chicago! I think it's a sign!

    1. haha that's funny! Yes, I guess you should go! My favorite time is in the summer, just because more to do. Lincoln Park Zoo is neat too - forgot to mention that! :)

  2. I have been to all of those places except Fall Creek Falls TN which is the one place of all of them I would most like to go! Not because I have not been there but because of the beauty of the nature! I am afraid of heights though so that would be challenging to me! I am not a huge fan of flying either! Not because of the heights though. Interestingly my fear of heights is only when on my own two feet! LOL I guess I don't trust my own balance. I think your list is lovely!

    1. Thank you, Joely. I actually don't like heights either! I was ok going across the rope bridges, although I found it slightly scary because they move and sway a lot. I just tried very hard to be brave lol. I loved the outlook but I did not go close to the edge for that reason! One look over the side and I feel horrible in my stomach! Avoid the edge, and you should be ok with everything else. (hopefully!)

  3. Ooo! You are definitely making me want to visit Nashville! I have family there and I need to make a visit!

  4. I love Chicago .One of my absolute favs .NYC and Nashville are really great too .I haven't been to the other TN city or Orlando for a really long time. Love all the pics!

  5. I've never been to Tennessee and must add it to places in the US that I must visit... I'd love to visit the Grand Ole Opry for sure... loved your travel photos. :-)

  6. Hehehe of course Orlando is the best ;-) there is some saying that says create a life you don't need a vacation from or something like that.... So back to Orlando it is for me hehe.... Now only if someone would buy my house....lol

  7. I loved nashville when we went to visit! The BBQ is amazing!

  8. I've been to New York in college, it was alright...probably better without the people I was with though LOL


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