Backpack Purse for Those Busy Days!

I recently got the pleasure of reviewing this nice backpack...only for me, it isn't exactly a backpack. I use it more as a purse. A purse for those busy days, when you have lots to do and your hands are quite often full. My son is a bit older now, but just a few years ago, in the days of diapers, wipes, and a baggie of Gold Fish crackers (in addition of course, to your wallet, keys and phone) a backpack purse was always a good choice!

Now, even though my son is older and I don't need to carry so much extra stuff for him, there are still times I like the convince of a backpack purse. Today for example...I had a bunch or errands to run. Plus, I am battling an awful cold. So, I needed to carry some tissues and hand sanitizer (to keep my lovely germs from spreading). I needed to get some paperwork notarized at the bank. I also needed to make some copies and then go to the grocery store. I used my backpack purse to hold my paperwork I needed to bring! Then, I wore it on my back while grocery shopping, which prevented me from either having to carry a purse or accidently leave it in my cart while I turn my back looking at stuff. That is always asking for trouble! So, for today, this bag made things just a bit easier! I also look forward to using this when I travel, go to places like a zoo or an amusement park.
So let's talk about this bag! I really love the pattern! They had others to chose from, but I really liked this one in particular! I was just very drawn to it! The bag is a natural canvas color with black birds. There are tan straps and accents, adding some depth and casual elegance. I think this pattern would go with many different looks so it seems pretty versatile.
So my lovelies, what do you think? Isn't it cute?
If you're interested in one like this, or one of the other patterns they offer, feel free to visit the link HERE.

Disclaimer; This is a review product that I received for free or at a discounted price. The thoughts and feelings are truly my own and are genuine.


  1. I really like that bag. Those are the same bags that I use as purses too. They are very useful when it comes to carrying many different things!

  2. Because I am usually out with my youngest worn on my front, the BEST purse to have is a backpack!

  3. I love this! I'm partial to birds since my nickname for my youngest is Bird ;-)

  4. It's so CUTE. My wife just bought one very similar to this, I think they're adorable. :)

  5. This is a cute bag, I looked on the site and love it in black.

    1. Yes! I was actually torn between this one and the back! I thought the black would probably show less dirt, but somehow I still couldn't pass on this pattern! So far, I have been able to keep it perfectly clean so I'm happy!

  6. Oh that's so cute! I love the bird pattern. Pretty and yet so practical!

  7. I love that bag! I have seen more women using backpack purses. It's really good to be able to carry more than what you usually carry and they are so convenient.


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