Snug Baby Monitor for Smartphones and Tablets with Free App; Product Review

This is such an amazing product! It takes about ten minutes to set up and be ready to use. You will be able to check on your child with your iPhone, iPad, Android tablet or Android phone. It works with a free and easy app to download. I would describe this as the new generation of baby monitors.
Now, not only can you hear your baby, but you can get a visual of them right on your phone! Another great feature is the two-way microphone, which allows you to not only hear your baby, but also talk to your baby! Imagine the comfort that can offer a crying baby! Hearing mom say, "It's ok honey, mommy is coming."  The really neat thing is that you don't even have to sit and watch to make sure your baby is fine. It will send an alert right to your phone or tablet if the camera detects movement or sound. This device also has night vision, so you are able to check on your baby in the dark.
It is such a convenient tool for any parent to have! I give this product a five star rating because it can offer a busy and tired mom some piece of mind. That is priceless. I would recommend this to any expectant mother, and would make a wonderful baby shower gift!

Disclaimer; I received this product for free in exchange for offering my honest and unbiased review.


  1. Are you expecting? Just curious because of the cute nursery picture.

  2. That is so cool that it will send the images to your phone. I need one of these for the dogs!

    1. Yes, funny that actually market ones for dogs, but no reason why you couldn't use this one for dogs too!

  3. I love the idea of being able to check up on your child with an iPhone. i seriously wish our monitor had that feature!

  4. I had no idea you could sink monitors with your iPhone! So cool!

  5. I love a monitor you can access on your phone. Very cool.

  6. How awesome! I will keep this in mind when I eventually have my second little one!

  7. I wish this was available when mine was little!

  8. Especially working parents are looking for suitable baby monitors for their babies to keep an eye on them. In the absence of parents we can watch the activities of our baby through baby monitor and also we are able to protect them from different accidents. So we appreciate the importance of baby monitors and before purchasing we should go through the product review.
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