Topaz unisex Watch; Product Review

I was looking for a nice gift for my father. When I saw this watch, I thought it looked really nice and would be the perfect gift for my dad. When it arrived, it totally met my expectations. The watch is lovely! The leather straps are very nice quality and the face of the watch is nice and large. The face is elegant looking. I like that there is also a date indicator right besides the "3". This is a handy feature because most people have to ask, "what's todays date?" at least every now and then. I also really like the rose gold, which makes it much more unique and elegant. It is water resistant, so hand washing while wearing the watch won't be an issue. Also, state-of-the-art quartz technology movement shows precise time. I am presenting this to my dad tomorrow and I am sure he will love it! Because it is unisex, I was tempted to keep it for myself! (but I won't)

Disclaimer; I received this product complementary in exchange for my offer to review it and give my honest and unbiased opinion.


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